Web Development




Web Design that Strikes a Chord with Donors
and Supporters

We can design and develop a mobile-friendly website for your nonprofit or socially responsible company that conveys a compelling message and engages your community of clients, donors and supporters.

We use the latest technologies and platforms, and have a proven methodology designed to make your website: compelling; brand-intensive; easy to navigate; mobile-friendly; and, with clear calls to action to convert visitors into customers, members or donors. Just like with any other marketing tool, the right message, strategy and targets are needed to put together a website that can actually meet your goals. We have special rates for qualifying nonprofit agencies and organizations.


Research and Discovery

Before we develop any website, we want to understand your mission and business model. While most non-profits have a desire to increase donations and contributions, they have many different ways of going about it. We research what leading nonprofits in your particular niche are doing successfully, and develop a series of functional and technical specifications for your site based on our discovery.

Planning and Wireframing

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we sketch the navigational structure and architecture of the website. We do this through a series of “wireframes” which are nothing more than operational layouts designed to assign the “real estate” of the pages and interconnect the relations between them for an optimized structure and improved conversions.

Graphic Design

Now that we know the planned navigational structure and architecture of the website, we turn the project to our graphic artists. For a website to be effective, it not only has to be well structured, it needs to be visually appealing. We take great measures in ensuring that the websites we develop are not only functional, but also attractive to the visitor. It’s long been documented that good website design results in higher online conversions.

Coding and Programming

This is the point at which all the previous work comes together, once we have defined all the structural and design pieces. We turn the project over to our team of programmers who code the website according to the required specs. Whether your website needs a special plugin, widget, feature or functionality, we can rely on our team of expert programmers to make it work.

Quality Control and Testing

At this point, we conduct quality control testing and fine tuning internally and externally. We perform beta testing along with our clients, to ensure that the site is working the way it was intended and according to specs. We check for typos, broken links, security, as well as conduct testing of shopping carts, registration forms, as well as any additional modules required for the project.


Now that we have “crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s,” we launch your beautiful new website onto the Internet. We upload it onto the selected domain, we code the webmaster tools and analytic packages of your choice, and propagate your new site throughout the World Wide Web. We then “hand over the keys” to you so that you can continue to fulfill your mission using your new online presence.